Poster Show Stoppers 2 - July 2007

Our second Show Stoppers following our previous success with this type of performance last year. We were celebrating 50 years of SDMS this year. The show gave plenty of opportunities for some individuals to take part as soloists gaining them confidence to do so in future musicals.

Overall Producion Audrey Pring and Alan Pring
Direction Audrey Pring (Company and School of Dance); Jane Pegler (Concert Party and Jekyll & Hyde); Alan Jenkins (Spamalot),Kate Langrish (Storm)
Musical Direction & Arrangements Alan Pring
Concert Party Co-ordinator Jane Pegler
Stage Manager Michael Williams
Stage Crew Pete Langrish, George Philpot, Amanda Knight
Lighting Lee Stoddart
Sound Ferneham Hall
Musical Sequencing Alan Pring, Anna Pring & Tony Pegler
Ticket Controller Claire Broadly & Maureen Francis
Publicity Co-ordinator Colin D. Justice
Programme Design & Production Holbrooks Printers Ltd
The Company - Men Tom Hudson, Alan Jenkins, Cliff Jones, Mike Naylor, Bill Price, Steve Reading, Kevin Redfern, Daniel Spearman, Brian Sweatman.
The Company - Ladies & Dancers Nicky Best, Claire Broadley, Julia Brown, Julie Davies, Becky Garrett, Lucy George, Sally Goddard, Lesley Hasker, Yvonne Jenkins, Myra Jones, Kim Joyce, Lauren Kempton, Kate Langrish, Rachel Linden, Jan Mather, Peta Mewett-Reading, Jane Pegler, Rachel Potts, Shelley Price, Trish Pring, Elouise Standen, Helen Stoddart, Sarah Tappenden, Heather Uden, Sue Wright
GUESTS South Downe School of Dance, Prinicpal - Audrey Pring MISTD MBTDA

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