Poster HOT MIKADO - July 2005

East meets West head-on in this hilarious 1940's-style updating of the perennial Gilbert and Sullivan classic. With the music transmuted into blues, Cab Calloway swing, hot gospel, scorching torch songs and 'Three Little Maids' turned into an Andrew Sisters' show-stopper, this zoot-suited, tap-dancing colourful show is certain to provide the ideal evening out for the whole family.

Book and lyrics adapted by David H Bell.

Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan

Based on THE MIKADO by W S Gilbert.

Yum-Yum Jan Mather
Nanki-Poo Steve Reading
Ko-Ko Alan Jenkins
Katisha Jane Pegler
Pooh-Bah Kevin Redfern
Pitti-Sing Rachel Potts
The Mikado Andy Mayfield
Pish-Tush Brian Sweatman
Peep-Bo Claire Broadley
Gentlemen of Japan Dave Harkness, Tom Hudson, Stuart Price, Stewart Taylor, James Hume, Mark Harrison, Neil Sanderson
Singers of Japan Val Leopold, Myra Jones, Stacey Nicol, Rebecca Wright, Sue Wright, Sandra Tucker, Elouise Standen, Charlotte Engall
Dancers of Japan Julie Davis, Kim Joyce, Ellie Wells, Kerry Partridge
Singers/Dancers of Japan Sue Rourke, Julia Brown, Sara Harkness, Peta Mewett-Reading, Kate Langrish, Trish Pring, Helen Stoddart
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Alan Pring
Official Accompanist Jean Porter
Stage Director Colin D Justice
Stage Manager Michael Williams
Deputy Stage Manager Lee Stoddart
Stage Crew Pete Langrish, George Phillpot, Lee Stoddart, Dave Churcher, Tom Potts
Set Design and Construction Colin Justice, Mike Williams
Sound Ferneham Hall
Lighting Design Ian Pratt
Property Mistress Amanda Knight
Property Assistants Sheila Stoddart, Julia Phillpot
Wardrobe Co-ordinator Carole Gennings
Wardrobe Assistant Kate Langrish
Publicity Peta Mewett-Reading, Steve Guermonprez
Ticket Controller Claire Broadley
Ticket Assistant Trish Pring
Canteen Betty Edwards, Lesley Hogan
Some photos courtesy of Colin Justice
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Trumpet Roger Hammond
Trombone Huw Llewelyn
Bass Alan Ham
Percussion Ernie McBernie
Saxophone, Clarinet Steve Tanner
Pianos Jean Porter, Anna Pring