My One and Only Godspell the musical...

Based on the Gospel according to St. Matthew GODSPELL is one of the most successful musicals in history. It present a whimsical view of Jesus, who is dressed like a clown with a red nose, a red heart painted on his forehead, and a Superman shirt. His followers and disciples re-enact parables and scenes from Jesus' life with great energy.

GODSPELL originally opened off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theatre on May 17, 1971. It opened on Broadway at the Promenade where it ran for 2,124 performances.

The film version premiered in 1973.

Music & lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Inspired by John-Michael Tebelak. More about the songs.

Jesus Steve Reading Steve Reading Judas Alan Jenkins Alan Jenkins
Caroline Caroline Archer Caroline Archer Claire Claire Broadley Claire Broadley
Dave Dave Harkness Dave Harkness Glen Glen Harvey Glen Harvey
Jane Jane Pegler Jane Pegler Julia Julia Brown Julia Brown
Kate Kate Langrish Kate Langrish Kim Kimberley Joyce Kimberley Joyce
Peta Peta Mewett Peta Mewett Rebecca Rebecca Wright Rebecca Wright
Stephanie Stephanie Treagust Stephanie Treagust Stuart Stuart Price Stuart Price
Tanya Tanya Bourner Tanya Bourner      
Producer/Choreographer Sara Harkness
Musical Director Alan Pring
Dance Captain Kate Langrish
Stage Manager Michael Williams
Assistant Stage Manager Lee Stoddart
Set Design Michael Williams & Lee Stoddart
Set Building Colin Justice
Stage Crew Pete Langrish, George Philpott, Paul Maber, Paul Hodge, James Jones
Computer Imagery Paul Maber
Video Filming & Direction Bill Price & Alan Jenkins
Sound Ferneham Hall
Property Amanda Knight & Sheila Stoddart
Ticket Controller Claire Broadley
Programme Design & Production Steve Guermonprez & Sara Harkness
Publicity Steve Guermonprez & Paul Hodge
Musical Director & Keyboards Alan Pring
Keyboards Tony Pegler
Bass Guitar Alan Ham
Electric/Acoustic Guitar Jonathan Harrison
Kit John Hammond
Backing Singers Andy Masefield, Trish Pring, Peter Pring, Rachel Potts, Heather Uden, Hayley Smither