Brigadoon Poster BRIGADOON - 1998

Alan Jay Lerner's story was based on a tale by Friedrich Gerstacker that had nothing whatever to do with Scotland. The original story concerned the mythical German village of Germelshausen that fell under an evil magic curse. In Lerner's play, the Scottish village of Brigadoon became enchanted centuries ago.

The community remained unchanging and invisible to the outside world except for one special day every hundred years, when it could be seen and visited by outsiders. Visitors might be allowed to stay, but if anyone ever left Brigadoon, the miracle would be broken -- and that would be the end of them all.

Brigadoon opened on Broadway on March 13 1947 and ran for 581 performances.

Tommy Albright Kenton Budd
Jeff Douglas Alan Jenkins
Angus MacMonies Brian Sweatman
Donald Ritchie Tony Collins
Sandy Ian Hanney
Maggie Abernethy Heather Stoddart
MacGregor John McLaughlin
Stuart Cameron Brydon Baker
Harry Ritchie Tony Bryant
Meg Brockie Annie Teahan
Andrew MacKeith John Haig
Fiona MacKeith Hayley Smither
Jean MacKeith Natalie Frank
Charlie Cameron John-Paul McCrohon
Mr Murdoch Tony Doye
Sword Dancers Peta Mewett, Tanya Bourner
Piper Duncan Matthews
Frank John McLaughlin
Jane Ashton Laura Underwood
Gentlemen's Chorus Brian Bayford, Pete Croucher, Steve Guermonprez, Ron Hasker, Matthew Merritt, Mike Naylor, Steve Reading, Dennis Redding, Jeff Stanbridge, Barry Tester, Colin Watts
Ladies Chorus Sonia Atkinson, Sabrina Beck, Jayne Bushnell,Kate Davey, Janet Frank, Carole Gennings, Lesley Hasker, Yvonne Jenkins, Kate Langrish, Margaret McIntyre, Alison Mobbs, Trish Pring, Jane Pegler, Louise Russell, Nicola Russell, Linda Smither, Sandra Tucker, Sue Wright
Dancers Caroline Archer, Tanya Bourner, Julia Brown, Rachel Bundy, Charlotte Camp, Alison Dea, Catharine Ferguson, Sekeeta George, Sarah Lockhart, Peta Mewett, Lisa Partridge, Melanie Simpson, Tamara Thorpe, Katrina Townley, Charlotte Warren, Gemma Watts
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Alan Pring
Offstage Conductor Tony Pegler
Official Accompanist Jean Porter
Stage Manager Colin D Justice
Deputy Stage Manager Michael Williams
Assistant Stage Manager Lee Stoddart
Stage Crew Pete Gardner, George Hyde, Roy Luke, Ian Richardson, Simon Roe, Marc Scott, Jeff Thomas
Head Flyman Rick
Fly Crew Norman Price, Kate Evans, Tony Lee-Wright
Sound Mitchell Sound (Steve & Kathy Oldfield)
Lighting Design Ian & Theresa Pratt
Property Mistresses Sheila Justice, Maureen Francis
Property Assistants Victoria Jowett, Andrew Oakley, Sheila Stoddart, Emily Street
Wardrobe Co-ordinator Carole Gennings
Hair and Make-up Christine Wenzel
Hair and Make-up Assistants Rosemary Luke, Marion Williams
Publicity Jayne Bushell, Steve Guermonprez, Alan Jenkins, Sarah Lockhart, Jane Pegler
Front of House Photographs Ivan Saunders
Programme Design & Production Steve Guermonprez, Clare Wallace
Cover Design Guy Smither
Ticket Controller Anita Waterhouse
Ticket Assistants Pat Wallace and Linda Smither
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Violins Nuala Land, Matt Dennison, Gerry Salway, Judy Taylor
Cello Nigel McNestrie
Bass Stuart Gay
Trumpet Roger Hammond
Horn Alan Mead
Trombone Dave Thomas
Flute Helen Walton
Oboe Irene Pragnell
Clarinets Malcolm Kennard, Colin Campbell
Percussion George Race
Keyboards Jean Porter
Piper Duncan Matthews
Drummers Dave Ramsay, Joe Caudery