Poster HALF A SIXPENCE - 1997
The play opens in Shalford's Drapery Emporium where Kipps works and lives as an apprentice draper. Ann, Kipps's childhood sweetheart, is in service so they don't get much chance to see each other.

Kipps falls for her without much hope. Ann is cross with Kipps for not meeting her and walks out on him just before he learns that he has inherited a fortune. Spurred on by his new social standing Kipps proposes to Helen, but her family pressure makes him realise that Ann is his first and real love.

Kipps and Ann marry but his yearning to maintain his social standing creates problems between them which are only resolved when a fortune is lost. A small fortune is offered to him ... he rejects it. "What a rum do everything is," he comments.

Broadway opening April 25 1965.

Kipps Tony Bryant
Sid Pornick Alan Jenkins
Buggins Brian Sweatman
Pearce Steve Reading
Bert Daniel Jones
Flo Bates Peta Mewett
Victoria Jayne Bushnell
Kate Kate Davey
Emma Pat Pring
Mr Shalford John Haig
Mr Carshot John McLaughlin
Mrs Botting Carole Gennings
Mrs Walsingham Val Simpson
Ann Pornick Hayley Smither
Chitterlow Guy Smither
Laura Caroline Archer
Helen Walsingham Jane Pegler
Young Walsingham Jamie Young
Photographer Tony Doye
Gwendolin Natalie Frank
Reporter Lee Stoddart
Ladies Chorus Sonia Atkinson, Natalie Frank, Emma Kirton, Sarah Lockhart, Margaret McIntyre, Linda Smither, Annie Teahan, Sandra Tucker, Laura Underwood, Stacey Vincent, Sue Wright
Gentlemen's Chorus Adam Brown, Peter Croucher, Tony Doye, Ian Gardner, Jim Gould, Mike Naylor, Barry Tester, Ian Vincent, Colin Watts
Dancers Caroline Archer, Tanya Bourner, Julia Brown, Rachel Bundey, Alison Dea, Catharine Ferguson, Heather Stoddart, Katryna Townley, Charlotte Warren
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Alan Pring
Official Accompanist Jean Porter
Stage Manager Colin D Justice
Deputy Stage Manager Michael Williams
Assistant Stage Manager George Hyde
Stage Crew Marc Fairclough, Peter Gardner, Ron Lewis, Roy Luke, Ian Matthews, Simon Mewett, Chris Murray, Tom Potts, Marc Scott, Lee Stoddart, Jeff Thomas
Head Flyman André D'St Croix
Fly Crew John Dunston, Kate Evans, Norman Price
Sound Mitchell Sound (Steve & Kathy Oldfield)
Lighting Design Theresa Pratt
Property Mistresses Maureen Francis, Sheila Justice
Property Assistants Gemma Beck, Victoria Jowett, Andrew Oakley, Emily Street
Wardrobe Co-ordinator Carole Gennings
Wardrobe Team Laurel Cufley, June Jones, Betty Smith, Queenie Walker
Hair and Make-up Christine Wenzel
Hair and Make-up Assistants Rosemary Luke, Marion Williams, Penny Warren
Publicity Sara Allen, Val Leopold
Front of House Photographs Ivan Saunders
Programme Design & Production Sara Allen, Mark Daniels
Cover Design Mark Daniels
Ticket Controller Anita Waterhouse
Ticket Assistants Joan Budd, Pat Wallace, Linda Smither, Lee Stoddart
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Trumpet Roger Hammond
Horn Allan Mead
Trombone Dave Thomas
Bassoon Bob Metcalf
Percussion George Race
Bass Stewart Gay
Violins Nuala Land, Gill Tolliday
Viola Caroline Gould
Cello Nigel McNestrie
Flute Helen Walton
Clarinet Ian Peters
Piano Jean Porter