Poster GYPSY - 1996
Based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee, a famous burlesque stripper, Gypsy tells the story of Rose, an overbearing stage mother who is determined to break into the big time by pushing the vaudeville career of her younger daughter June. However, unwilling to tolerate her mother's manipulations, June elopes with a dancer.

Rose then turns all of her attention on her older and less talented daughter Louise. Eventually Rose's dreams come to fruition when she successfully transforms Louise into a famous burlesque stripper known as Gypsy Rose Lee. No sooner has she succeeded, however, than Rose suffers a mental breakdown, realizing that she is no longer needed in her daughter's career.

Book by Arthur Laurents. Music by Jule Styne. Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee

Uncle Jocko Jamie Young
George Brian Sweatman
Balloon Girl Zoe Brant
Baby Louise Gemma Watts
Baby June Lucy Watts
Rose Anne Allen
Pop John Haig
Newsboys Adam Brant, Aaron Middleton, Ian Stock
Weber John McLaughlin
Herbie William Dawson
Louise Caroline Archer
June Kerry Joyce
Tulsa Tony Bryant
Yonkers Alan Jenkins
Angie Brian Sweatman
L.A. Kenton Budd
Kringelein Tony Collins
Mr Goldstone Jamie Young
Farm Boys Tony Bryant, Kenton Budd, Alan Jenkins, Ryan Swatridge, Brian Sweatman, Jamie Young
Miss Crachitt Jane Pegler
Hollywood blondes Alison Dea, Kate Langrish, Sarah Lockhart, Claire Luke, Natalie Frank
Pastey Brian Sweatman
Tessie Tura Peta Mewett
Mazeppa Jayne Bushnell
Cigar Tony Collins
Electra Julie Bryant
Maid Anne Teahan
Phil Barry Tester
Bougeron-Cochon Alan Jenkins
Children Cara Partridge, Kerry Partridge, Peter Pring
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Understudy Producer Sheila Justice
Musical Director Alan Pring
Official Accompanist Jean Porter
Stage Manager Colin D Justice
Assistant Stage Managers George Hyde, Michael Williams
Stage Crew Brian Bayford, Pete Croucher, Roy Luke, Ian Matthews, Simon Mewett, Tom Potts, Pete Ricketts, Marc Scott, Lee Stoddart, Jeff Thomas
Head Flyman André D'St Croix
Fly Crew John Dunston, Kate Evans, Norman Price
Sound Mitchell Sound (Steve & Kathy Oldfield)
Lighting Design Theresa and Ian Pratt
Property Mistresses Sheila Justice
Property Assistants Maureen Francis, Victoria Jowett, Rachel O'Donovan, Andrew Oakley, Emily Street
Wardrobe Co-ordinator Carole Gennings
Wardrobe Team Laurel Cufley, Queenie Walker, Marion Williams
Hair and Make-up Christine Wenzel
Hair and Make-up Assistant Rosemary Luke
Publicity Sara Allen, Sarah Lockhart, Val Leopold, Julie Mitchell
Front of House Photographs Ivan Saunders
Programme Design & Production Sara Allen, Mark Daniels
Cover Design Guy Smither
Ticket Controller Anita Waterhouse
Ticket Assistants Joan Budd, Linda Smither, Lee Stoddart, Pat Wallace
Matrons Louise Jones, Daphne Watts
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