Poster THE BOYFRIEND - 1990

THE BOYFRIEND is a musical by Sandy Wilson, first performed in the West End in 1954. It is set in the twenties, in the swankiest hot spot on the French Rivera.

Polly Brown, an English heiress attending Mme. Dubonnet's Finishing School, falls in love with Tony the delivery boy. Recalling her father's advice to beware of fortune seekers, she poses as a simple working girl to avoid that possibility. Little does she know, Tony is the missing son of millionaire Lord Brockhurst, and when both her father, Percival Brown, and Lord and Lady Brockhurst unexpectedly arrive on the scene, things start to get complicated.

Hortense Anne Allen
Maisie Mary-Rose Austin
Dulcie Julie Bryant
Fay Chris Ryan
Nancy Sara Ostermeyer
Polly Browne Hayley Smither
Marcel Colin Watts
Pierre Brian Sweatman
Alphonse Philip Tustin
Madame Dubonnet Eileen Walker
Bobby Van Husen Tony Bryant
Percival Browne William Dawson
Tony John Blackwell
Lord Brockhurst Tony Doye
Lady Brockhurst Valerie Simpson
Gendarme, Waiter Don Gordon
Lolita Carole Stallard
Ladies of the Chorus Christine Breakell, Kate Davey, Laura Doye, Sam Fynan, Nicky Hayden, Catharine Heasman, Margaret McIntyre, Debbie Newell, Pat Pring, Claire Siebert, Sandra Tucker, Daphne Watts, Sue Wright
Gentlemen of the Chorus Brian Bayford, David Jones, Hedley Lester, Fraser Richardson, John Waldron, Colin Watts
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Alan Pring
Official Accompanist Brian Sawyer
Stage Manager Tony Willcocks
Stage Crew John Newell, David Ferguson
Sound Peter Mitchell
Property Mistress Barbara Sturdy
Publicity & Programme Chris Ryan
Ticket Controller Debbie Newell
Additional Artwork David Jones
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