Poster SONG OF NORWAY - November 1988

This musical biography of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg is based on the play of the same name. Living in poverty after graduating from a music conservatory, Grieg scandalises his family by marrying his cousin Nina.

Grieg has an affair with a former schoolmate, Therese Berg, a wealthy woman who makes a deal with her influential father to end the romance if he'll arrange a concert for Grieg in Stockholm. Grieg eventually travels to Rome, where his significance as an artist begins to find appreciation.

Edvard Grieg Guy Smither
Rikard Nordraak Michael Barker
Nina Hagerup Pamela Vaughan
Louisa Giovanni Norma Barker
Count Pepi Le Loup Roger Parham
Mother Grieg Joyce Upton
Father Grieg Vic Hill
Father Nordraak Brian Bayford
Tito Tony Willcocks
Waitresses Mary-Rose Austin, Julie Bryant, Jane Grinaway
Maestro Pisoni Tony Doye
Freddy Tony Bryant
Henrik Ibsen Rob Cartwright
Miss Anders Valerie Simpson
Margharetta Joan Cartwright
Hedwig Sandra Tucker
Elvera Margaret Thorpe
Adelina Eileen Walker
Ladies Chorus Beryl Baird, Joan Budd, Joan Cartwright, Kate Davey, Sue Goldsmith, Debbie Hole, Nicky Hayden, June Jones, Yvonne Jenkins, Jacquie Prentice, Pat Pring, Valerie Simpson, Barbara Sturdy, Betty Smith, Margaret Thorpe, Sandra Tucker, Eileen Walker, Marie Willcocks, Sue Wright
Gentlemen's Chorus Brian Bayford, Tony Bryant, Ron Brown, Steve Clarke, Mike Dore, Davie Durant, Ray Gibson, Don Gordon, Cliff Jones, Karl Pullen, Fraser Richardson, Lyndsay Richardson, Brian Stenning, Mike Sylvester, Colin Watts
Dancers Sonia Atkinson, Mary-Rose Austin, Julie Bryant, Carole Gennings, Jane Grinaway, Margaret McIntyre, Linda Smither, Kate Thornhill, Peta Taylor, Becky White
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Assistant Producer Tony Doye
Musical Director Alan Pring
Official Accompanist Brian Sawyer
Stage Manager Colin D Justice
Assistant Stage Managers Brian Dore, Frank Watson
Stage Crew Peter Hutchings, Chris Robinson, Fred McKee
Sound Peter Mitchell
Property Mistress Maureen Francis
Property Assistants Sarah Brotherstone, Sarah Maycock, Yvonne Jenkins, Sarah Cordell
Wardrobe Co-ordinator Carole Gennings
Publicity Fraser Richardson
Front of House Photographs Ivan Saunders
Ticket Controller Anita Waterhouse
Ticket Assistant Pat Wallace
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