Poster THE GYPSY BARON - 1983

Set in Hungary in the 18th century this is the colourful story of the marriage of a landowner and a gypsy girl who is revealed as the daughter of a Turkish Pasha, and the rightful owner of hidden treasure. It involves a fortune-telling Romany Queen, an absurdly self-important Mayor, a rascally Commissioner, a Military Governor, a band of gypsies and a troop of Hussars. Theatrically very effective and musically superb.

GYPSY BARON (1885) is a comic opera in 3 acts. Libretto by Ignaz Schnitzer based on the story Sáffi by Mór Jókai. Music by Johann Strauss II

Otto Brian Bayford
Mishka Brian Sweatman
Pali Mike Naylor
Franzi Elizabeth Hutchings
Vanya Amanda Simpson
Arletta Anne Allen
Kalman Zsupan Guy Smither
Mirabella Valerie Simpson
Czipra Sue Lancaster
Saffi Lynne Hobday
Count Kareska Will Hemsley
Sandor Barinkay Brydon Baker
Captain Roger Parham
Graf Peter Homonoy Don Gordon
Ladies Chorus Sonia Atkinson, Ann Baker, Josie Beckwith, Joan Cartwright, Sue Goldsmith, Carole Gennings, Joan Greer, Angela Holmes, June Jones, Myra Jones, Yvonne Jenkins, Julie Mitchell, Pat Pring, Sandra Price, Barbara Smith, Betty Smith, Linda Smither, Hayley Smither, Ann Stent, Sandra Tucker, Midge Wallace, Sue Wright, Mary Wines
Gentlemen's Chorus Peter Blow, Bob Cartwright, Dave Durant, Michael Dore, George Franklin, Mike Gennings, Ray Gibson, Mike Gillings, John Goldring, Don Gordon, Al Greer, Paul Hodge, Roger Parham, John Rule
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Alan Pring
Official Accompanist Jean Porter
Stage Manager Ron Newton
Lighting Design Nick Wilde
Stage Crew Bill Legg, David Heath, Dave Evans, Colin Millwater, Mike Wines, Andy Stevens, Dave Hawkins, Brian Dore, Ian Insull
Sound Peter Mitchell
Property Mistress Audrey Blow
Publicity Brian Bayford
Front of House Photographs Ivan Saunders
Ticket Control Eric Tompkinson, Pat Wallace
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