Poster THE MERRY WIDOW - 1982

In the kingdom of Marshovia, Count Danilo woos the beautiful widow Sonia. But she, aware of Danilo's womanizing ways, rejects his advances. Her curt dismissal conceals her genuine attraction to the Count, however, and the emotionally confused Sonia decides to flee Marshovia and Danilo for the charms of gay Paris. Because of Sonia's extensive wealth, her departure leaves the Marshovian royals in a tizzy -- and soon they've dispatched Danilo to the City of Lights with orders to wed the lovely lady...

Music by Franz Lehár.

Merry Widow Centenary Website

Baron Zeta Jim Dyer
Valencienne Elizabeth Hutchings
St Brioche Will Hemsley
Cascada Don Gordon
Count Camille de Rosillon Guy Smither
Bogdanovitsch Bill Reed
Sylvia Mary Seaford
Kromov William Dawson
Olga Barbara Thwaites
Pritsch Brian Sweatman
Praskovia Valerie Simpson
Njegus Brian Bayford
Anna Glavari Patricia Parsons
Count Danilovitsch Bob Calvert
Grisettes Carole Gennings, Ann Peyton-Bruhl, Linda Smither, Amanda Simpson, Trish Pring, Barbara Smith
Ladies Chorus Sonia Atkinson, Muriel Alford, Joan Budd, Beryl Baird, Joan Cartwright, Sue Goldsmith, Carole Gennings, June Jones, Yvonne Jenkins, Pam Kennell, Sue Lancaster, Julie Mitchell, Pat Pring, Susan Quinn, Barbara Smith, Betty Smith, Linda Smither, Ann Stent, Sandra Tucker, Amanda Simpson, Barbara Thwaites, Midge Wallace, Dot Waters, Sue Wright, Marie Willcocks, Mary Wines
Gentlemen's Chorus Brian Bayford, Bob Cartwright, David Culver, William Dawson, Dave Durant, Mike Gennings, Ray Gibson, Geoff Gingell, John Goldring, Don Gordon, Will Hemsley, Paul Hodge, Anthony Insull, Cliff Jones, Mike Naylor, Bill Reed, John Rule, Brian Sweatman
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Alan Pring
Official Accompanist Jean Porter
Stage Manager Ron Newton
Assistant Stage Manager Nick Wilde
Lighting Design David Robinson
Stage Crew Bill Legg, Alan Prosser, Duncan McLellan, Sonia Legg, Dave Hawkins, Michael Dore, Richard Newton
Sound Peter Mitchell
Wardrobe Brenda Naylor, Betty Smith
Properties Amanda Hall, Julie Hall
Publicity Charles Gennings
Front of House Photographs Ivan Saunders
Ticket Control Eric Tompkinson, Pat Wallace
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