Poster CALL ME MADAM - 1982

During the presidency of Harry Truman Sally Adams becomes Ambassador to the small European nation of Lichtenburg. She proceeds to charm the local leaders even though she lacks basic policy knowledge. Meanwhile her secretary Kenneth Gibson falls in love Princess Maria. In the end Sally and Kenneth are forced to leave Lichtengburg but they leave behind the spirit of democracy. The musical was inspired by the 1949 appointment of Washington hostess Perle Mesta as Ambassador to Luxembourg.

Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin

Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse

Starring Ethel Merman CALL ME MADAM opened on Broadway Oct 12, 1950 and ran for 644 performances.

Mrs Sally Adams Myra Jones
Secretary of State Don Gordon
Supreme Court Justice Mike Naylor
Congressman Wilkins Brian Bayford
Henry Gibson Geoff Gingell
Kenneth Gibson David Peyton-Bruhl
Senator Gallagher Al Greer
Miss Phillips Ann Stent
Senator Brockbank Mike Gennings
Cosmo Constantine Gill Oliver
Pemberton Maxwell Tony Peyton-Bruhl
Clerk Linda Smither
Hugo Tantinnin Geoff Gingell
Sebastian Sebastian Tony Willcocks
Princess Maria Susan Quinn
Court Chamberlain Brian Sweatman
Grand Duchess Sophie Queenie Walker
Grand Duke Otto Tony Willcocks
Ocarina Boys Mark and David Smith
Ladies Chorus Sonia Atkinson, Beryl Baird, Mary Bell, Joan Budd, Sue Goldsmith, Carole Gennings, Joan Greer, Angela Holmes, Elizabeth Hutchings, Pam Kennell, Julie Mitchell, Ann Peyton-Bruhl, Pat Pring, Mary Seaford, Amanda Simpson, Valerie Simpson, Barbara Smith, Betty Smith, Linda Smither, Ann Stent, Barbara Thwaites, Sandra Tucker, Midge Wallace, Dot Waters, Sue Wright
Gentlemen's Chorus Brian Bayford, Bob Calvert, Barry Cooper, David Culver, Dave Durant, Mike Gennings, Ray Gibson, John Goldring, Don Gordon, Anthony Insull, Mike Naylor, Jeff Peyton-Bruhl, Chris Redman, John Rule, Guy Smither, Brian Sweatman, Tony Willcocks
Dancers Alison Billmore, Lindsey Greer, Kate McInnes, Janet Newman, Sara Ostermeyer, Sally Piggott, Victoria Piggott, Mandy Thwaites
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Alan Pring
Official Accompanist Jean Porter
Stage Manager Bob Cuthbertson
Assistant Stage Managers Alan Prosser, Chris Silver
Lighting Design Bill Riley
Stage Crew Bill Legg, Ron Newton, Duncan McClellan, Dave Hawkins, Nick Wilde
Sound Peter Mitchell
Wardrobe Brenda Naylor
Properties Amanda Hall, Julie Hall
Publicity Charles Gennings
Front of House Photographs Ivan Saunders
Ticket Control Eric Tompkinson, Pat Wallace
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