Poster SHOWBOAT - May 1977
The story, based on Edna Ferber's novel about life on a Mississippi show boat, tells parallel love stories of two doomed marriages.

Magnolia, the daughter of the Cotton Blossom's owner, falls in love and runs off to Chicago with a dashing riverboat gambler. Their marriage is wrecked by his love for Lady Luck, however, and her family brings the pregnant Magnolia back to the show boat to have her baby. Ultimately, she reconciles with her husband to give the marriage another try. The star singer on the Cotton Blossom, beautiful Julie LaVerne, and her husband run afoul of Southern law when the sheriff discovers that she is mulatto and her husband is white. They are forced to leave the show boat and flee because Southern law forbids miscegnation.

Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

SHOWBOAT first opened on Broadway on Dec 27 1927 and ran for 572 performances.

Windy McLain Bill Coulstock
Steve Baker Tony Willcocks
Pete Gavin Derek Homes
Queenie Midge Wallace
Parthy Ann Hawkes Jean Norrie
Captain Andy Hawkes Geoff Gingell
Ellie May Chipley Myra Jones
Frank Schultz David Salt
Rubberface Smith Colin Watts
Julie Laverne Carole Jones
Gaylord Ravenal Eddie Gwilym
Sheriff Ike Vallon Bob Cartwright
Magnolia Hawkes Ann Peyton-Bruhl
Joe Jim Dyer
Backwoodsman Tony Peyton-Bruhl
Landlady, Mrs O'Brien Dot Waters
Jake David Rodgers
Kim Ravenal Wendy Freeth
Barkers John Freeth, Graham Bryant
Max Ron Dowing
Lottie Sharon Courtney
Ethel Eve Redman
Jeb Guy Smither
Dancers Sonia Atkinson, Daphne Barnes, Jean Brown, Carole Gennings, Jill Grant, Karen Hare, Anthea Humphrey, Julia Holland, Fiona Moss, Linda Smither, Kerry Taylor, Pat Ternouth
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Brian Eastop
Official Accompanist Eileen Cloak
Stage Manager Bob Gutherson
Assistant Stage Manager Bill Legg
Lighting Michael Page, Bill Goodchild
Sound Peter Mitchell
Stage Crew Malcolm Bernhardt, Duncan McClellan, Alan Prosser, Jasper Reynolds, Les Tipping, Peter Efemey, Mark Pole, David Walton
Wardrobe Joyce Slaughter
Wardrobe Assistants Pauline Hoar, Julie Hall, Betty Hogg, Ann Lesbirel
Properties Audrey Blow, Anne Blow, Edna McRae, Janet Ross, Pat Wallace, Josie Beckwith
Publicity Eric Tompkinson, Christopher Grist
Ticket Control Eric Tompkinson, June Evans
Make-Up Eric Greenwood
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