Poster THE BOYFRIEND - 1974

THE BOYFRIEND is a musical by Sandy Wilson, first performed in the West End in 1954. It is set in the twenties, in the swankiest hot spot on the French Rivera.

Polly Brown, an English heiress attending Mme. Dubonnet's Finishing School, falls in love with Tony the delivery boy. Recalling her father's advice to beware of fortune seekers, she poses as a simple working girl to avoid that possibility. Little does she know, Tony is the missing son of millionaire Lord Brockhurst, and when both her father, Percival Brown, and Lord and Lady Brockhurst unexpectedly arrive on the scene, things start to get complicated.

Hortense Josie Beckwith
Mme Dubonnet Queenie Walker
Polly Browne Christine Jones
Tony Peter Latham
Bobby Van Husen Derek Knight
Maisie Sonia Atkinson
Fay Jean Brown
Lord Brockhurst Muriel Brockhurst
Lady Brockhurst Muriel Alford
Specialty Dancer Audrey Pring
Waiter Bill Stone
Gendarme Tony Willcocks
The Girls Audrey Blow, Christine Dubber, Sara Foster, Carole Gennings, Gillian Gingell, Betty Smith, Sandra Tucker
The Boys Chris Bradley, Graham Bryant, John Clark, John Goldring, Chris Gosling, Christopher Grist, Jeffrey Peyton-Bruhl
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Brian Eastop
Official Accompanist Des Stone, John Evans
Stage Manager Bob Gutherson
Assistant Stage Manager Alan Prosser
Lighting Design Laurie Upton
Lighting Michael Page, Mark Pole, Paul Redman, Steven King
Sound Effects Brian Ross
Scenic Artists Laurie Upton, Edward Nadal
Stage Crew Malcolm Bernhardt, Bob Helliar, Duncan McClellan, Ted Appleton, Ernie Tiller, Alan Booth, Barry Kedleck, Norman Rock, John Chorley, Jim Curtiss, Marion Brooks
Wardrobe Joyce Slaughter, Celia Parfitt
Properties Barbara Thwaites, Barbara Smith, Edna McRae
Publicity Eric Tompkinson, June Evans, Christopher Grist, Betty Richards
Ticket Control Vera Butler, June Evans, Eric Tompkinson
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