Poster THE MERRY WIDOW - May 1973

In the kingdom of Marshovia, Count Danilo woos the beautiful widow Sonia. But she, aware of Danilo's womanizing ways, rejects his advances. Her curt dismissal conceals her genuine attraction to the Count, however, and the emotionally confused Sonia decides to flee Marshovia and Danilo for the charms of gay Paris.

Because of Sonia's extensive wealth, her departure leaves the Marshovian royals in a tizzy -- and soon they've dispatched Danilo to the City of Lights with orders to wed the lovely lady...

Music by Franz Lehár.

Merry Widow Centenary Website

Anna Glavari Eileen Walker
Count Danilovitsch Don Gordon
Baron Zeta Jim Dyer
Valencienne Ann Peyton-Bruhl
St Brioche Martin Bates
Cascada Tony Peyton-Bruhl
Count Camille de Rosillon Chris Bradley
Bogdanovitsch Tom Pinney
Sylvia Marian Brooks
Kromov Len Packer
Olga Muriel Alford
Pritsch Peter Blow
Praskovia Queenie Walker
Njegus Tony Willcocks
Dancers Sonia Atkinson, Daphne Barnes, Jean Brown, Wendie Oliver, Josie Beckwith, Betty Smith, Graham Bryant, Stephen Clark, Derek Knight, Jim Packer, Mike Walsh
Ladies of the Chorus Audrey Blow, Janet Blow, Hilda Coulstock, Marion Ellerton, June Evans, Irene Hind, June Jones, Beth Moores, Joan Rowe, Sarah Sitch, Jean Timms, Midge Wallace, Marie Willcocks
Gentlemen of the Chorus Ron Brown, Bob Cartwright, John Clark, John Golding, Ed O'Keefe, Jerry Parkes, Bill Stone, Eric Tompkinson
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Brian Eastop
Official Accompanist Des Stone
Stage Director Bill Legg
Sound and Lighting Bill Goodchild, Brian Gray, Neil Wood
Scenic Artists Mick Walsh, Derek Knight
Stage Crew Alan Prosser, Richard Hazelgrove, Duncan McClellan, Peter Ford, Nigel Walsh
Wardrobe Kay Packer
Properties Edna McRae, Pat Hasslegrave
Ticket Control Vera Butler
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