Poster ROSE MARIE - May 1971

When Black Eagle is knifed to death in his cabin in the Canadian Rockies, "Wild Jim" Kenyon is the obvious suspect. The Mounties, headed by Sergeant Malone, are soon on the trail. The situation shocks Jim's friends, for since he fell in love with little Rose Marie, they had found "Wild Jim" a reformed character. Perhaps the suave Hawley, at one time attracted to Black Eagle's sensuous wife, Wanda, but now hoping to marry Rose Marie, has knowledge which he is anxious to keep from the Mounties...

Music by Rudolf Friml and Herbert P. Stothart.

The musical ROSE MARIE first opened on Broadway on Sep 2 1924.

The 1936 film ROSE-MARIE starred Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald.

Imperial Theatre, New York, 2 September, 1924 (557 perfs)
Produced at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1925 (581 perfs)

Sergeant Malone John Beckwith
Lady Jane Josephine Beckwith
Black Eagle Don Stewart
Edward Hawley Len Packer
Emile La Flamme Tony Willcocks
Wanda Jean Brown
Hard Boiled Herman Bill Renouf
Jim Kenyon Chris Bradley
Rose Marie La Flamme Ann Peyton-Bruhl
Ethel Brandon Betty Richards
Caretaker Bob Cartwright
Dancers Sonia Atkinson, Wendy Oliver
Ladies of the Chorus Muriel Alford, Audrey Blow, Hilda Coulstock, Marion Ellerton, June Evans, Marilyn Felix, Beth Moores, Rosemary Press, Gillian Prior, June Jones, Jeanette Parvin, Betty Smith, Jean Rowe, Barbara Thwaites, Queenie Walker, Midge Wallace, Marie Willcocks
Gentlemen of the Chorus Colin Blow, Peter Blow, Trevor Chapman, John Clark, Bill Coulstock, Jim Dyer, Geoff Gingell, Don Hambling, Chris Hogg, Dennis Jones, Gordon Robinson, Gene Sexton, Ed O'Keefe, Jerry Parkes, Don Stewart, Jim Smart, Eric Tompkinson
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Don Preskett
Wardrobe Management Kay Packer
Stage Director David Flemons
Sound and Lighting John Felix, Nick Carter, James Packer, Simon Parker
Scenic Artists David Flemons, Geoff Norman
Stage Crew Duncan McClellan, William Blow, Ken Salmon, Neil Bayliss
Properties Edna McRae
Ticket Control Eric Tompkinson
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