Poster HALF A SIXPENCE - November 1971
The play opens in Shalford's Drapery Emporium where Kipps works and lives as an apprentice draper. Ann, Kipps's childhood sweetheart, is in service so they don't get much chance to see each other.

Kipps falls for her without much hope. Ann is cross with Kipps for not meeting her and walks out on him just before he learns that he has inherited a fortune. Spurred on by his new social standing Kipps proposes to Helen, but her family pressure makes him realise that Ann is his first and real love.

Kipps and Ann marry but his yearning to maintain his social standing creates problems between them which are only resolved when a fortune is lost. A small fortune is offered to him ... he rejects it. "What a rum do everything is," he comments.

Broadway opening April 25 1965.

Kipps Geoff Gingell
Sid Pornick Tony Willcocks
Buggins Mike Walsh
Pearce Chris Bradley
Mr Shalford Bill Coulstock
Flo Bates Janet Smith
Victoria Joan Rowe
Emma Jeanette Parvin
Kate June Evans
Mr Carshot Bill Stone
Mrs Botting Queenie Walker
Mrs Walsingham Muriel Alford
Ann Pornick Marilyn Felix
Laura Betty Smith
Chitterlow Tony Peyton-Bruhl
Helen Walsingham Eileen Walker
Young Walsingham Jim Smart
Ladies of the Chorus Janice Allen, Sonia Atkinson, Josie Beckwith, Jean Brown, Hilda Coulstock, Shirley Caldwell, Marian Ellerton, Anne McCarter, Chris Jarvis, Chris Jones, June Jones, Sarah Sitch, Ann Peyton-Bruhl, Rosemary Press, Midge Wallace, Gillian Prior
Gentlemen of the Chorus John Beckwith, Colin Blow, Stephen Clark, Jim Dyer, Don Hambling, Chris Hogg, Dennis Jones, Ed O'Keefe, Len Packer, Jerry Parkes, Jim Packer, Don Stewart, Eric Tompkinson
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Marilyn Felix
Official Accompanist Des Stone
Stage Director Alan Ferdinando
Sound and Lighting John Felix, Peter Hague, Simon Parker
Scenic Artists Alan Ferdinando, Ann Peyton-Bruhl, Tony Marshall
Stage Crew William Blow, Ken Salmon, Graham Bryant, Duncan McClellan, Tony Marshall, Bill Renouf
Wardrobe Kay Packer
Properties Edna McRae
Ticket Control Janet Smith
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