Poster SHOWBOAT - November 1970
The story, based on Edna Ferber's novel about life on a Mississippi show boat, tells parallel love stories of two doomed marriages.

Magnolia, the daughter of the Cotton Blossom's owner, falls in love and runs off to Chicago with a dashing riverboat gambler. Their marriage is wrecked by his love for Lady Luck, however, and her family brings the pregnant Magnolia back to the show boat to have her baby. Ultimately, she reconciles with her husband to give the marriage another try. The star singer on the Cotton Blossom, beautiful Julie LaVerne, and her husband run afoul of Southern law when the sheriff discovers that she is mulatto and her husband is white. They are forced to leave the show boat and flee because Southern law forbids miscegnation.

Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

SHOWBOAT first opened on Broadway on Dec 27 1927 and ran for 572 performances.

Windy McLain Allan Smith
Steve Baker Bob Cartwright
Pete Gavin Len Packer
Queenie Midge Wallace
Parthy Ann Hawkes Betty Richards
Captain Andy Hawkes Geoff Gingell
Ellie May Chipley Josephine Beckwith
Frank Schultz Bill Renouf
Rubberface Smith Tony Willcocks
Julie Laverne Joan Rowe
Gaylord Ravenal Tom Blair
Sheriff Ike Vallon Peter Blow
Magnolia Hawkes Marilyn Felix
Joe Jim Dyer
Backwoodsman Ron Catcheside
Landlady, Mrs O'Brien Betty Smith
Jake Stephen Greenwood
Kim Ravenal Glynis Barnicoat
Max John Beckwith
Lottie Audrey Blow
Ethel Myra Clark
Dancers Sonia Atkinson, Jean Brown, Christine Jones, Janet Smith
Ladies of the Chorus Muriel Alford, Janis Allen, Sylvia Baylis, Audrey Blow, Anne Bezance, Jean Brown, Myra Clark, Hilda Coulstock, June Evans, June Jones, Beth Moores, Ann Peyton-Bruhl, Betty Smith, Janet Smith, Kay Prior
Gentlemen of the Chorus Richard Barrett, John Beckwith, Colin Blow, Peter Blow, Ron Catcheside, John Clark, Trevor Chapman, Bill Coulstock, Don Hambling, Don Stewart, Stephen Greenwood, Charlie Gore, Chris Hogg, Rodney Holmes, Dennis Jones, Gene Sexton, Jerry Parkes, Tony Willcocks, Mike Wilson
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Don Preskett
Stage Director Alan Ferdinando
Sound and Lighting John Felix
Scenic Artists Alan Ferdinando, Vera Bartlett, Edward Nadal
Stage Crew William Blow, Ray Grant, Jeanette Parvin, Duncan McClellan
Wardrobe Kay Packer
Properties Edna McRae
Ticket Control Janet Smith