Poster SUMMER SONG - May 1968
After a tour conducting in America's concert halls Anton Dvorák is tired and drained of inspiration. Summer 1893 finds him in a remote Illinois lumber town populated largely by Bohemian immigrants - his native people - under the dominance of a hard-headed Irish woman known as Ma Flannagan.

Unrecognized, he takes a brief sabbatical, playing the piano in Flannagan's saloon. The township soon feels the benevolence of his kindly wisdom as he offers advice on the romances and problems of the townsfolk. Refreshed, his inspiration returns, and with it his most popular creation, the New World Symphony.

Book by Eric Maschwitz and Hy Kraft. Lyrics by Eric Maschwitz Music by Bernard Grun, from themes of Anton Dvorák

Abe Allan Smith
Milli Josie Beckwith
Blodek John Felix
Karolka Marilyn Felix
Uncle Marek Peter Blow
Ma Flannagan Florence Griffin
Mr Gilmore Don Dean
Shaun Flannagan Don Dean
Tomas Tomashek Bill Coulstock
Anton Dvorak Trevor Chapman
Feeney Paul Catcheside
Joe Gianello Geoff Gingell
Jake Bill Renouf
Barstow Ron Catcheside
Dancers Sonia Atkinson, Jean Brown, Rosemary Brown, Christine Jarvis, Christine Jones, Marie Murray, Sheila Noyce, Hazel Rudd, Janet Smith, Ann Starbuck, Barbara Thwaites
Ladies of the Chorus Muriel Alford, Ann Blow, Audrey Blow, Myra Clark, Hilda Coulstock, Joyce Game, June Jones, Rosemary Press, Betty Richards, Betty Smith, Queenie Walker, Midge Wallace
Gentlemen of the Chorus Colin Blow, Chris Hogg, Dennis Jones, Francis Mitchell, Jerry Parkes, G Price, Tony Willcocks, Bob Wisdom
Producer & Choreographer Audrey Pring
Musical Director Don Preskett
Wardrobe Kay Packer
Stage Director Ron Catcheside
Lighting Donald R Dean, Mike Gosselin
Scenic Artists Edward Nadal, Fred Hennen
Stage Crew Charles Blake, Edward Nadal, Bill Renouf, Ken Dukes, John Wright, Duncan McClellan
Properties Molly Hennen, Zoe Wright
Ticket Control Myra Clark
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