Poster THE NEW MOON - May 1967

A classic of the American musical theatre and one of the most famous American operettas

An 18th century love story set in New Orleans, its score contains some of Romberg's most endearing music including "Lover, Come Back to Me," "Wanting You," "One Kiss," "Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise," and the rousing chorus "Stouthearted Men."

Music by Sigmund Romberg. Book by Oscar Hammerstein II, Frank Mandel and Laurence Schwab. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II.

Julie Marilyn Trenchard
M. Beaunoir Donald R Dean
Capt Georges Duval Norman Avery
Vicomte Ribaud Harry Mitchell
M. Fouchet Bob Wisdom
Bondservants Barry Street, Bill Renouf
Jacques Jerry Parkes
Emile Anthony Sherwood
Brunet Edward Nadal
Marianne Beaunoir Sheila Noyce
Doorkeeper George Beddoes
Tavern Proprietor Bill Coulstock
Waiter Edward Peachey
Spaniard Nick Carter
Dancer Shirley Cauldwell
Flower Girl Betty Smith
Phillippe Len Packer
Clotilde Florence Griffin
Admiral de Jean Norman Avery
Producer Brian Sterry
Musical Director Sid Sivyer
Choreographer Irene White
Wardrobe Kay Packer
Stage Director Ron Catcheside
Pianist Ethel Mitchell
Scenic Artist Edward Nadal
Lighting Donald R Dean