Poster CALAMITY JANE - May 1966

Deadwood, Dakota Territory, is largely the abode of men, where Indian scout Calamity Jane is as hard-riding, boastful, and handy with a gun as any; quite an overpowering personality. But the army lieutenant she favors doesn't really appreciate her finer qualities. One of Jane's boasts brings her to Chicago to recruit an actress for the Golden Garter stage. Arrived, the lady in question appears (at first) to be a more feminine rival for the favors of Jane's male friends...including her friendly enemy Wild Bill Hickock.

The 1953 film starred Doris Day and Howard Keel.

Calamity Jane Mavis Sterry
Bill Hickock Barry Street
Adelaide Adams Muriel Alford
Henry Miller Harry Mitchell
Katie Brown Betty Richards
Lt. Danny Gilmartin Adrian Felix
Susan Audrey Blow
Francis Fryer Len Packer
Rattlesnake Tony Newlove
Joe Peter King
Hank Alan Smith
Pete Peter Blow
Indian Dixie Dean
Colonel of Fort Scully Edward Nadal
Gentlemen's Chorus Norman Avery, George Beddows, Peter Blow, Leo Compton, Bill Coulstock, Edward Nadal, Bill Reed, Alan Smith
Ladies Chorus Muriel Alford, Yvonne Beaton, Joyce Boyd, Hilda Coulstock, Joyce Game, Helen Graham, Florence Griffin, Margaret Harman, Reene Walker, Marjorie Wallace
Dancers and Stage-Door-Johnnies Shirley Cauldwell, Linda Squibb, Jenny Street, Reene Walker, Norman Avery, Peter Blow, Leo Compton, Alan Smith
Producer Brian Sterry
Musical Director Marilyn Felix
Chorus Mistress and Pianist Ethel Mitchell
Wardrobe Jillian Parkes
Stage Director Edward Nadal
Lighting Peter King
Sound A C Estlick
Scenic Artists Edward Nadal
Stage Crew Ian Arkieson, G Blake, Ron Catcheside, David Hynd
Properties Betty Jackson
Box Office Manager Pat Wallace
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