Poster WHITE HORSE INN - May 1963

WHITE HORSE INN is a love story set on the banks of Lake Wolfgang.

Head waiters of the inn have found that to fall in love with the attractive young widow who owns the establishment is a swift and certain route to dismissal. Yet none have been able to resist Josepha, least of all Leopold, the present incumbent. She, however, pines for Valentine Sutton, a regular visitor from England, and is resolutely blind to all the evidence that his thoughts for her are no more than warm friendship.

The arrival of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor serves at first only to add to the chaos, but finally his kindly understanding and wisdom do much to bring about a happy ending.

Music by Ralph Benatsky

Lyrics by Robert Gilbert

Kathi Marjorie Wallace
Karl Ron Catcheside
Zenzi Daphne Davis
Courier Brian Sterry
Franz Edward Nadal
Frances Alberta Catcheside
Leopold Trevor Chapman
Josepha Vogelhuber Wendy Perkins
Steamer Captain Brian Sterry
Bride Yvonne Beaton
Bridegroom Terry Davis
John Ebenezer Grinkle Harry Mitchell
Ottoline Eileen Walker
Valentine Sutton Tom Pinney
Sigismund Smith Ron Suter
Professor Hinzel Jerry Parkes
Gretel Dot Waters
The Mayor Peter Blow
The Mayor's Secretary Rosemary Press
The Emperor Keith Eldred
Ketterl Joe Stansfield
Landlord of the Travellers Rest Albert Rogers
Dancers Linda Cole, Daphne Davis, Ann West, Diane Breeze, Linda Hoare-Cox, Joan Collins, Wendy Walker, Elaine Robinson
Ladies of the Chorus Mavis Sterry, Betty Richards, Betty Smith, Audrey Blow, Alberta Catcheside, Rosemary Press, Renee Walker, Jill Harris, Susan Smith, Joyce Game, Marilyn Proctor, Pamela Rickard, Margaret Spice, Brenda Hindle, Cora Simpson, Yvonne Beaton
Gentlemen of the Chorus Jerry Parkes, John Felix, Peter Blow, Terry Davis, Joe Stansfield, Bob Harris, Don Clark, Jimmy Irvine, Albert Rogers, Ken Spanner
Producers Alan Ford and Fred Hennen
Musical Director W Breeze
Choreographer Eileen Walker
Chorus Mistress & Pianist Ethel Mitchell
Wardrobe Mavis Sterry
Stage Director Edward Nadal
Scenic Artists Fred Hennen, Edward Nadal
Stage Crew Chris Caves, Don Gautrey, Ian Baxter, Jim Walduck
Properties Molly Hennen
Sound E. A. French
Lighting Don Metcalf
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